Automatic packaging machines Genestho 7 series are designed for packing cargoes on pallets in a stretch film with very high productivity, for productions with a dense schedule of production. The process takes place on a stationary pallet, thus excluding any risk of falling loads, regardless of the speed of the rotation lever. The principle of modularity offered by us contributes to the versatility of the use of equipment, and with the application of a packaging machine along with a conveyor for transportation pallets of the Genestho 8 series, we have the ability to pack a cargo with big length.


This model allows to fully automate, the packaging process, that is, the installation of pallets, the attachment of the end of the film to the pallets, the winding of the cargo and the ribbon cutting after the end of the cycle are carried out without the participation of the operator. The machine is completed with roller conveyors, photoelectric barriers and includes the following technologies:



The carriage of stretching film, thanks to pre-stretching rollers is covered with special material with a high coefficient of adhesion that allows you to achieve the best indexes for packing. Control of the tension of the film in relation to the cargo, is carried out thanks to the strain gauge, which manages the system motors of pre-stretch.

The vertical hold of the cargo during the packing, which is mandatory for the packing of especially unstable goods, and has several modes of use.

Roping. A system for reducing the width of the film to the width of the "tourniquet" and ensuring more efficient stabilization of the cargo.

The automatic clamping and cutting system is also available in standard equipment, and is located on the modules system of transportation of pallets Genestho 8 series.

Technical specification:

Maximum height of the packed cargo, including the pallet: 2200 mm

Minimal and maximum dimensions of the cargo: from 600x800 mm to 1200x1200 mm *

Overall dimensions of the installation (maximum transport width): 2200 mm

Speed ​​of rotation of the lever, adjustable: 40 rpm

Productivity: 60 pallets per hour **

Standard coefficient Pre-Stretch: 150% -400%

Standard complete of carriage: Roping

Standard electrical characteristics: 380V-400V-415V (± 5%) 50 Hz

Height of a bobbin with a film: 500 mm

Maximum diameter of a bobbin with a film: 250 mm

Maximum height of the cardboard sleeve bobbin: 510 mm

Working thickness of the film: 17-35 microns


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